Data driven approach for all Markets

Expert Strategy

Our Strategy is driven by two major aspects; Data & Political/Market Climate. Both are of equal importance.

Proven Team

Everyone on the Winners Circle team has extensive qualifications in their respective field. This gives us a dynamic approach to our clients needs.

Reliable Service

Integrity and ownership are staple points of our core values and this translates to leading our industry with reliable services.


Dedicated Service

What is Success? Earl Nightingale has timelessly provided my favorite definition, “Success is really nothing more than the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

We believe the secret to achievement is setting a goal and developing the road-map to achieve that goal. As valuable as hard work is, alone, its efforts are fruitless, Appearing in a plethora of examples and anecdotes evident when analyzed with cerebral focus.

That is why we have extracted a three step formula evident in virtually every campaign, business plan, and success story. The formula; Purpose + Goal + Plan = Victory (unstoppable action). Purpose, your why, is the single most important part and conversely, most overlooked.

It’s the fire that propels the combustible engine, it's the water that powers the Hoover Dam, and it's the wind that moves grandiose turbines across the great planes. Most importantly, it's why we guarantee our clients and ourselves success.

Our Service Area

Campaign Management

Experienced and faithful campaign leadership

General Consulting

Monthly general consulting services to ensure your endeavor's success

Digital Production

Servicing you video and photographic needs with quality and precision.


Best in industry candidate, volunteer, and intern training services

Graphic Design

In-house professional logo creation and literature design

Web Design

In-house expert web design and development at extremely competitive prices

Meet The Team

Morgun Sholty

Chief Executive Officer

Raymond Serrano

Chief Operating Officer

Alex Tarkanian

Chief Strategy Officer

Creighton Chingarande

Chief Technical Officer
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