Company History

Out Mission, “To provide value and inspiration — one goal, one plan, one victory at a time”

Winners Circle was founded by Morgun Sholty & Raymond Serrano. Through their political endeavors they continuously encountered the same roadblocks that clearly stifled a campaign’s rhythm and productivity. 

Through trial and error they came to realize what all business titans do, that culture drives every aspect of a campaign. However, what was causing the culture within the Republican market to suffer on such a consistent basis? Not all campaigns had these cultural communication issues, but some most certainly do. 

To put it simply, there is a gap in understanding between consultants, candidates, and staff. This can stem from many reasons (one of the largest is the focus on profits over winning) that don’t need to be explicitly identified. The fact of the matter is that there is a lack of ownership from consultants; it is incumbent on the consultant to take responsibility for nearly every blunder of a campaign. Without that ownership, they dis-empower their ability to drive culture.

We have been studying Democrats and Republicans since 2016 and while we may have won the presidency, we are losing the country. We believe this is because Democrat firms are beating us through sheer effort and desire. Ask a consultant about a loss, and they will blame everything on the campaign but themselves. 

We are mutually invested in our clients victory because by winning, we will have a market for the foreseeable future.

WC has developed new principles (The 70-30 rule, MCC, etc.) that will shock the consulting market. We plan to beat our competitors prices and products not because we want to see firms fail, but because we want to see Republicans win.

Professional Consulting Services

General Consulting

Monthly general consulting services to ensure your endeavor's success

Campaign Management

Experienced and faithful campaign leadership

Website Development

In-house expert web design and development at extremely competitive prices

Graphic Design

In-house professional logo creation and literature design

Social Media Marketing

Social media account creation, and expert management

Political Training

Best in industry candidate, volunteer, and intern training services


Where winners, win.

Winner’s Circle was created to solve a systemic problem within the consulting market, firms are focused on profits and not results. We have developed a proven formula that if executed properly, guarantees success in the political and professional dimensions. It's a process driven by our core values, culture, and our team's unrelenting work ethic.

Where winners, win.

Winners Circles Core Values

Ultimate responsibility and ownership is the cornerstone of Winner Circle’s culture. We pride ourselves on taking responsibility for the successes and failures of each and every one of our clients. Unlike traditional consultants we don’t blame other factors for a loss, we own up to it and reflect upon what we could have done better.
We place moral principle and integrity at the forefront of every one of our business and personal transactions. We realize that no effective professional or personal relationships can exist without a bedrock of trust and understanding, and we take pride in providing that for every single client.
Treating each and every individual involved with Winners Circle, LLC with the utmost dignity and respect isn’t just one of our core values, it's a way of life. This value is instilled in our team members from the very beginning of their employment, and is an entirely non-negotiable aspect of our team’s culture.
Nothing of quality can be accomplished without the utmost focus and dedication to the task at hand. Without proper focus and dedication, Winners Circle would fail to provide a truly superior product at best in industry prices, which is entirely unacceptable and antithetical to our culture.
We fervently believe that a weakness of attitude becomes a weakness of character. WInners Circle is unable to operate at peak performance without a positive and optimistic outlook from our founders, employees, and even our clients.

Expert Operatives

Morgun Sholty

Chief Executive Officer

Raymond Serrano

Chief Operating Officer

Alex Tarkanian

Chief Strategy Officer

Creighton Chingarande

Chief Technical Officer

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