Creighton Chingarande

Chief Technical Officer

Practice Area

I.T., Computer Science, Web Development, Data Visualizations, Data Science, Python Programming Language, Coding



About Me

Creighton’s professional career started out at Rancho High School where he founded a U.S. Government sponsored program called Cyber Patriots. He founded this organization the goal of incentivizing underprivileged students to get involved in computer science, cyber security & coding. Creighton was extremely passionate about this cause because it allowed students who would otherwise not have the access to earn scholarships and travel abroad. His experience leading this group allowed Creighton to become an IT autodidact, and through his connections Creighton pursued a mentor-ship with a local Marketing agency. Under this mentor-ship, he polished his skills in computer science and web development even further, leading to his role with Winners Circle. Creighton is very proud of the work he has done for Winners Circle, as he was instrumental in the launch of Winners Circle’s web development piece and digital production.

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