Morgun Sholty

Chief Executive Officer

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Political Consulting & Strategy, Business Consulting & Strategy, Strategic Marketing & Sales, MCC Development & Training


About Me

Morgun Sholty is a family man from Lexington KY. He has two boys with his better half Rebecca Walling. Professionally, Morgun has comprised an extensive set of credentials with both experience and certifications. With regard to political experience Morgun has managed statewide, congressional, and local races in 5 states. He was in charge of over 30 staff members for a Right to Work ballot initiative in Missouri. However, Morgun’s prized, prestigious skill set comes from his time at the Leadership Institute(Li), the gold standard in conservative political training. As Li’s Youth Leadership Coordinator (YLS) Morgun taught Li’s flagship school; a school that trained Mitch McConnel, Mike Pence, & many other well known republicans. While at Li Morgun took and graduated from their Campaign Management School, High Dollar Fundraising School, Future Candidate School, and their Direct Mail School. Morgun earnestly attests his regarded political experience and skill set from his time with the Leadership Institute and remains a part of their guest faculty to this day. 

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