Robert Woo

Digital Production Specialist

Practice Area

Digital Production, Photography, Video Production, Digital Imaging, Film Development, Editing Software



About Me

Since I was in the US Navy, I have taken photographs of places I have traveled to and took pictures of people I met in my lifetime. Photography has been one of my biggest passions in my life. The pictures I took made up bits and pieces of my life story and illustrate a bit about who I am as a person. I studied photography by taking pictures at various political events, including Young Americans for Liberty and Turning Point USA, and I have been photographing event photography and portraits since 2015.

Why do I like photography? I love what I do because it allows me to explore my creativity and happiness while capturing people of all walks of life and documenting significant moments in other peoples’ lives. Every time I shoot, I constantly learn something about a person’s personality, something about his or her life, or something about history. It is an honor to witness and document about the clients’ personality, emotions, and history. Every day, I am grateful to have a fulfilling job that allows me to connect with amazing people.

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