Campaign Management

Winners Circle offers a relativity new approach Campaign Management. Campaign Management Services are provided in-house, saving the candidate precious resources that will be applied to direct voter contact. 

Campaign Management is a significant part of our USP (unique selling point) as virtually no firms offer Campaign Management in the capacity, or variation we do. As your campaign managers we run the day to day operations of your campaign, field program, fundraising/scheduling, formulate and issue press releases/advisories, produce digital content for your social media/website, ensure the proper execution of your campaign plan, garner earned media, and provide our prestigious training.

Listed below are some Details on the services explained above. Again, for a tailored, personalized approach get your: free consultation. 

Field Program

One of the most vital parts of any campaign is a robust and organized field program. Winners Circle has extensive experience in field organization and strategy. Our founders operated one of the top congressional field programs in the country in 2016 (Nevada Congressional District 3), Our CEO taught the Leadership Institute’s Youth Leadership School,  which is the gold standard in conservative political training. Some graduates include Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell & many more. 

This has led to emphasis on training within our field program. Every successful franchise in history will credit their success to culture, and this starts with training. That’s why we created Motivational Cultural Cultivation (MCC), the cornerstone of what makes our field program so much better than the conventional approach.

Earned/Paid Media Operations

Building a rapport with the media is an exceedingly vital part of a campaign manger’s job. Ensuring a campaign  establishes a good relationship and garners a fair amount earned media could be the difference between victory and defeat in the political spectrum. We specialize in earned media operations with an emphasis on special projects to gain the attention of local media outlets. Our special projects include but are not limited to; mock elections, operation pigskin, operation Burma-Shave, and more. 

Fundraising & Messaging

“Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving”. This encapsulates our approach to assisting candidates with their fundraising program. We put messaging and fundraising in the same category because they are explicitly intertwined. Without the money, you will not be able to get your message out. Unfortunately, principally flawed candidates who raise more money than principled candidate WILL win. The Sir Galahad theory of politics coined by the Leadership Institute is as followed, “In my heart I know I’m right, therefore I will prevail.” This originated from The Goldwater campaign and is evident in every election conducted.” Losers don’t legislate, and if you want to win as a candidate you must be able to effectively fund raise. That’s why we offer a candidate fundraising training program as well as assist with scheduling/building rapport with donors. 


Volunteers and interns are vital to the success of any campaign. However, they must be properly trained and motivated to ensure effectiveness. Here at Winners Circle we place a unique emphasis on political training, as our CEO taught the most prestigious and well regarded political training program in the country, Li’s Youth Leadership School. Our CEO has trained activists across the country in the fields of political organization, political activism, and much more.