Graphic Design

Winners Circle, LLC specializes in providing a myriad of excellent graphic design options at extremely competitive prices. Whether its a campaign logo, literature layout/design, or a campaign mailer, our in-house team of expert graphic design technicians have you covered.

Logo Design

A voter’s first impression of the campaign is often the campaign logo, and ensuring a positive first impression is vital to the success of any campaign regardless the size. Our in house team of graphic designers have designed countless logos for political campaigns, small businesses, and many more.

Literature/Mailer Design

Voter outreach pieces and campaign collateral are vital to keeping your campaign active in the mind of voters. We will custom design an effective, and memorable piece of campaign literature or campaign mailer at industry best prices.

Social Media Graphics

Social media has never been more prevalent in the field of politics, as well as our day to day lives. Many voters consume a preponderance of their news and political information from outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Ensure your campaign’s social media outlets are properly represented by our professional social media graphics, designed by our in house graphic design experts.